Search – different approaches to online marketing

South West

In Exeter, Ben Hollom will talk on how to write effective and engaging content that aligns and supports your digital marketing strategy. David Mooney and Natalie Scutt will also join Ben to discuss the key differences and merits of PPC and SEO. 


How do the best firms demonstrate client value?


This session will explore how professional services firms effectively differentiate themselves with their clients across the relationship lifecycle.  Drawing on their substantial know-how and experience we are delighted to be joined by a panel from across professional services who will share their war stories and insights to help you identify ways to enhance your firm's offerings and influence the internal debate.


Towards strategic marketing

West Midlands

Delegate experiences and questions will ensure the session is interactive.

Our speaker, Kim Tasso, will be covering the following:

  • Marketing fundamentals quiz – Review of the value of key marketing and business development concepts
  • The strategic approach, the marketing mix and matrix management
  • How the marketing audit and marketing plans help you to help fee-earners
  • Integrating strategic marketing initiatives – bringing marketing, selling and relationship management together
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness and goal setting

Video content creation: How to realise maximum impact


This worksop will:

  • Present you with the pros and cons of producing video content internally or with an external provider so you can make a more informed decision.
  • Give some top tips for creating engaging content internally.
  • Provide a template brief to help you get the most from external providers.
  • Provide strategy ideas and tips to measure engagement and ROI.

AI: Automation: Machines: Humans: The Future Workplace


David Gilroy will share ideas on how to sustain your brand, retain your team, up your marketing game and ultimately retain clients and acquire new ones.

Some of the latest technologies in the marketplace will be considered and reviewed alongside the – as important if not more so – human aspects that the technology, perhaps, does not yet properly replicate.


Winning it, not winging it: Developing a video strategy that works


In this session we'll look at:

  • The state of video play in 2018 and beyond
  • The biggest mistakes marketers are making with video
  • Matching your video content to your marketing objectives
  • Identifying your audience
  • Working the right platforms
  • Crafting the right content
  • The types of video for different stages of the marketing funnel
  • Why engagement beats views, and how to cultivate it

Meet the journalist

East Midlands

With 25 years’ journalism experience, Lauren Mills will share what works and what doesn’t, including:

  • What makes a good story
  • How to build relationships with the media
  • What not to do
  • Helping your colleagues prepare for interviews 

In short, you’ll learn how to better pitch for press coverage and how to make sure you get your message across effectively.


How do you ensure the opportunities you bid for support your overall strategy?


In this workshop, Anne Blackie, Grant Thornton will cover:

  • What a bid evaluation process should take into consideration so you are making the right strategic and commercial decisions?
  • How to influence key stakeholders?
  • How to create a winning strategy with clear value propostions?