Building client personas

East Midlands

In this session Sam Turner, Head of Digital at ClientsFirst, will discuss building client personas – fictional representations of your clients and prospects – which help you to test your entire marketing mix. We will cover:

  • What a good client persona should include
  • Common problems we see with personas
  • How you can practically use them within your business
  • Automating personas with technology

A cost effective brand toolkit: ‘Getting your brand act together!’


In this session, the focus will be on cost-effective solutions and best practices when it comes to brand implementation and execution (rather than big picture strategy). Cameron Webb, a veteran brand consultant, will share key insights on effective brand toolkits and tactical execution, while David Lawrence, of Lewis Silkin, will share some of the brand execution insights from the firm’s recent brand overhaul and implementation. 


GDPR: What's new? What’s next? And what are my peers doing?


As we close in on 25 May this panel session will focus more on the ‘what to do’, rather than necessarily the why, with Isla Gibson and Sonja Hart providing an update on the legislation, where firms should be up to in their GDPR journey and what final steps should be taken to reach the finish line.


Disruption – lessons learnt from the music industry

South West

What can professional services marketing learn about the future of their sector from the changes that have taken place in the music industry? What pitfalls can we avoid? What successes can we predict?


How to get GDPR consent… and use it to improve marketing

West Midlands

This session will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to:

  • Get ‘provable GDPR consent' from your contacts to receive your marketing communications
  • Know what to do when you meet new contacts
  • Use the information you receive from your contacts to improve your marketing performance.

AI: Automation: Machines: Humans: The Future Workplace


In a world where robots may take over, where some firms are failing and online marketing is getting even harder, how does a professional services business sustain itself? This session will explore ‘the human vs the machine’ looking at, among other things, chatbots and AI technology.

David Gilroy will share ideas on how to sustain your brand, retain your team, up your marketing game and ultimately retain clients and acquire new ones.